What is verb with Example.

A verb is a word that describes an action, of an event or a state of being. It is a word that tells something about a person or thing that has been done or yet to be. In short it is an ‘action word’.

  • Eg: Rena bought a car.

  • Eg: I gave a pen to him.

  • Eg: He took a book.

There are several types of verb but here we will be seeing some of the types of verb. Here will be examples by which you will be understanding the varies concepts that helps you to identify the verbs.

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Types of Verbs:

  1. Lexical verb
  2. Auxiliary verb
  3. Transitive verb
  4. Intransitive verb

Lexical verb:

Lexical verb is also known as principal/common/main verb. This verb has independent meaning. It is been represented as a main verb in a sentence. In a sentences there can be many verbs but if a sentence has only one verb then it is known as a main verb. Here are some examples

  • John is playing.

    Here there are two verbs. In this ‘playing’ is the main verb were as ‘is’ is the helping verb.

  • She speaks very well.

    Here only one verb is there that is ‘speaks’ and it is the main verb in the sentence.

Auxiliary verb:

The verb that helps the main verb is known as auxiliary verb. It is also known as helping verb. The helping verb is catagorised into two that is ‘primary’ and ‘model’.

Primary verb:

Some of the primary verbs are [is, are, am, was, were, be, being, have, has, had, having, do, does, did, etc. Some examples are,

  • She is beautiful.
  • We are siblings.
  • She does not know the truth.

Modal verb:

Some of the modal verbs are [can, may, shall, will, could, might, should, would, must, need, ought to, dare, used to]. Some examples are,

  • He may come today.
  • We must pray daily.
  • Everyone needs air to survive.

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Transitive verb:

The verb that uses any object to complete the phase or the sentence is known as transitive verb. The sentence in which there is no object is not a transitive verb. Some example are,

  • She crossed the street.

    Here the ‘crossed’ word is the verb and ‘the street’ is the object.

  • He writes
    a letter.

    Here the word ‘writes’ is the verb and ‘a letter’ is the object.

  • She drinks

    Here the word drinks is the verb and water is the object.

    Object is of two kinds they are direct and indirect.

  1. Direct object (non living things)
  2. Indirect object (living things)

    Object can be identified by the questions [what? and whom?]

Intransitive verb:

The verb that does not use any object to complete the sentence or phase is known as intransitive verb. the verb that is been mentioned without any object is intransitive. Some examples are,

  • She talks.

    The sentence is completed without any object. Here it has not been specified that ‘to whom she talks’? if it mention here then it will be the example of transitive and not of intransitive. The verb is ‘crossed’.

  • He writes.

    If here it will be mentioned that the letter or book or something has been written then it will be not an example of intransitive. The verb is ‘writes’.

  • I am reading.

    Reading is the verb. The sentence does not answer the question ‘what I am reading’? So it is the example of intransitive verb.

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