2018/2019 Fully Funded Scholarships at University of Toronto, Canada

2018/2019 Fully Funded Scholarships at University of Toronto, Canada

Download the University of Toronto scholarships HERE are available throughout each admission year mostly awarded to deserving students upon entrance. University of Toronto has a range of scholarships and financial aids for indigenous, foreign (international), African and Pakistani Students. Prospective students looking at financial aid options to study in Toronto, Ontario Canada in 2018/19 should use this guide.

University of Toronto Scholarships 2018/19

Scholarships recognize academic excellence and may also take into account community involvement, leadership, creativity and other qualities. Take the time to explore the many scholarships and awards available online at the University website– and apply!
In addition to University of Toronto scholarships, you should also consider the many awards offered through various external companies and agencies. If you have questions regarding these awards, you should direct them to the awarding organization. These awards are updated frequently, so check some cool deal back regularly for up-to-date information.

Admission Scholarships are for those individuals applying to the University for undergraduate studies.

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In-course Scholarships are available to students currently registered at the University of Toronto. Additional information on In-course Scholarships is available through a Division’s (Campus, Faculty, College) Registrar’s Office.

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